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In order to better find what you are looking for, we choosed to make two kinds of researches possible on the database.

– You can browse the large lists included in the “Main lists” category. They present entries by type of works: Books and Thesis, Articles and Chapters of collective works, Definitions, Ancient Sources and Maps. Works are listed by author in alphabetical order, which make it easy to search works of some authors and dates by using the “Search in the page” tool of your web-browser.

– You can also make researches by key-words, the “tags”. Besides the large lists detailled below, every work is also presented in its own post, with 4 or 5 key-words each. Among those, there will always be one defining the geopolitical context (geographic or ethnic word), and the others are meant to deepen the research. For example, the article of C. Rapin called “L’ère Yavana d’après les parchemins gréco-bactriens d’Asangorna et d’Amphipolis” will have the following key-words: “Indo-Greek/Greco-Bactrian” ” Inscriptions” “Datation”  “Sakas”. In this way, you will be able to see a selection of work nearest of what you seek by clicking on the key-word you want in the right of the site.

You must note that the key-words are of broader meaning, in order to avoid an exponential number of thoses. In this way, every archaeological site is listed under the “site” tag, without mentionning its name. In the same way, the tag “Saka” groups Sakas, Indo-Sakas and their political relatives (Paratarajas, Kshatrapas).

Note: it is possible that some works are shown in the main lists but not in the personal posts. This is due to the post being scheduled, so do not worry, it will be available with tags a few days after.

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