One year of Indo-Bactrian web ressources

Today, it’s been roughly one year that I started this blog.

I had no particular ambition in making From Bactria to Taxila at the beginning: I just wanted to create a correct hub that would help the few who are interested in the same topic that I am. I still remember how it helped me, back when I was doing my master’s thesis, to find some very useful articles on the net. I also remember how frustrating it was to find some by happenstance, that were dealing with something I already wrote and thought to be finished. Small disappointments for sure, but I began to think that as of now, a good part of the web should be more and more oriented towards the listing of informations that are spread everywhere.

I had no real idea of how many ressources I could post. I did it every day for months. At the beginning it has no precise roadmap. By the way, I’m not searching to gather a lot of people here – this is neither the good subject nor the good kind of site to do a popular website. I’m just hoping that it will be used by some specialists, students, history lovers and others that have interests to read the ressources that I collect. To use the stat tool of WordPress, I would say I’m hoping for way more views than unique viewers.

Finally, this blog is still living. I’m publishing every three days now, because of a really busy life at the moment but also because all new source, as an information, has to be somewhat digested – for someone totally new to the subject, having a new article every day can be discouraging in some ways.

For this second year of the blog, I’ll try to expand it further. First, I’ll consider sources that aren’t available in their entirety on the net: I’m speaking of the ones hosted on Google Books. About those, I must say that, somethimes, having another IP/seing the book from another computer can let you see some differents parts of the book. Are they fully digitized? Seems so. Secondly, I’ll try to add those of JStor, which aren’t in open access unless you have an account, but a lot of universities deliver one to their student so it might be usefull to link those. Lastly, I have some bigger projects on mind. I cannot talk about it for now but I hope you’ll hear from it in the following months.

Last but not least, I want to thank you all for visiting this blog and for the kind words I receive from time to time. It’s what keep me updating this site for sure!

Antoine Simonin

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